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MarshallSoft GPS Component for VB

GPS NMEA component Visual Basic and .NET library reads and decodes standard GPS NMEA 183 sentences
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21 June 2011

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GPS (Global Positioning System) is a widely known technology today which is being extensively used for navigation purposes. Initially, this technology came into usage with the Defence Services in the US and thereafter, it was introduced on a large scale in the shipping industry. Today, it is featured in automobile, mobile phones, tablet devices etc. for its use by general public for navigating their way when they are on streets. Just like other components, GPS technology also requires a hardware along with a supporting software component which can decode all the information given by the GPS hardware. MarshallSoft GPS Component for VB v.2.2 is a package for designing such applications.

MarshallSoft GPS Component for VB v.2.2 is a shareware application from MarshallSoft Computing is a Win32 DLL (Dynamic Link Library) that lets a VB program and .NET version 2.0 or higher, to communicate with a GPS device connected to RS232 serial port and supplying NMEA 183 standard sentences. The component uses Win32 and Win64 (for 32 and 64 bit applications) Application Programming Interface for connecting to the serial ports, thus eliminating the need for any special drivers for Windows. The supported sentences for receiving and decoding from a hardware device include GPRMC, GPGSA, GPGGA, GPGLL, GPWPL, GPVTG, GPGSV etc. The application can connect with the device via a simple bluetooth serial port and has the full ability to convert the units of measure with its built in functionality. The program has a GUI interface showing all the information like latitude and longitudes in the map.

To conclude with, MarshallSoft GPS Component for VB v.2.2 is a user friendly component to let the user easily gain access to GPS hardware and provides the user, complete navigation information. Hence, it receives a score of three and a half rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

MarshallSoft GPS Component Visual Basic and .NET toolkit to read and decode industry standard GPS NMEA 183 navigation sentences from the RS232 serial port as well as computes great circle distances and bearings.
Features include:
- Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.
- Uses the Windows API for serial port input. No special Windows driver is required.
- Runs as a background thread unattended. MGC is fully thread safe.
- The most current GPS data is always available on demand.
- Includes support functions such as mgcGreatCircle.
- Can read any GPS NMEA 183 sentence, extracting each field
- Can read and decode GPGGA, GPRMC, GPGLL, GPGSA, GPVTG, GPBOD, GPWPL and
GPGSV navigation sentences.
- Can graphically display latitude and longitude.
- Can compute distances and bears.
- Provides ability to convert units.
- Works with Bluetooth serial.
- Work with USB ports that have a "USB to Serial Port" converter cable.
- Can be used from GUI mode or console mode programs.
- Supports Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista/7.
- MGC4VB is implemented as a standard Windows DLL, which will work with all versions of Windows.
- Supports 32-bit and 64-bit Visual Basic, Visual Studio and VBA (Microsoft Office, Excel, Access, etc).
- Can be called from any program that is capable of calling the Windows API.
- The license can be used with all supported computer programming languages.
- Can be purchased with (or without) source code for the DLLs.
- Documentation online as well as in printable format.
- Free technical support and updates for one year. Royalty free distribution with your compiled application.
Evaluation versions are fully functional.
MarshallSoft GPS Component for VB
MarshallSoft GPS Component for VB
Version 2.2
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